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Final Thoughts On This Election

Throughout the long course of history great nations have been largely defined and identified with their wartime leaders and heroes who are deeply honored and revered. This is particularly true of great nations. None, except possibly France, has been defined by its traitors. Take for example, Great Britain whose most revered and respected leaders include Sir Francis Drake, Lord Nelson, Queen Victoria, Field Marshall Montgomery, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, all wartime leaders.

For us in America, the list of revered and respected wartime leaders is lengthy. It starts with George Washington and runs through Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, Grant, Lee, Teddy Roosevelt, Pershing, Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower, McArthur, Patton, Truman, Ronald Reagan (who won the cold war), George Bush Sr. and now, George W. Bush who stood in the ruins of a still-smoldering World Trade Center and told the world that those who attacked us would soon be hearing from us. He meant it. And they did. It was not a time for nuance.

Since then, in the 9/11 Commission Report and through other sources, we have learned more details about the commitment of Islamic radicals to the destruction of the United States and the killing of Americans. It is a declaration of jihad on us not just as a country, but on us as individual Americans who share fundamental values of human rights, equality for women, respect for life, tolerance for other religions and faiths, support of education and the arts and spreading of our capitalist economic system that has created prosperity for millions of people around the world.

For the jihadists, their declaration of total global war already has extended to places as far flung as New York, Washington, D.C., Afghanistan, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen and Spain. This is more than a mere nuisance.

They define their Muslim values by terrorist and suicide bombings, beheadings, slitting of throats, turning civilian aircraft loaded with innocent people into guided missiles, oppression of women and similar nihilistic behavior. By their own words, as well as deeds, they stand for nothing good or positive, only destruction of our way of life. They cannot be appeased or negotiated with. To restore Islam's lost glory and bring back the medieval caliphate, they're willing to conduct a sustained terror campaign that disrupts and destroys Western faith in its own democracy. This is particularly disturbing in an era when nuclear weapons or other WMD can be developed and sold to terrorists.

In this struggle and deadly challenge, we have to ask what are the qualifications of John Kerry, who sought to replace George Bush not just as President but also as commander-in-chief?

The major accomplishment of John Kerry's life so far has been the American defeat in Vietnam. His successful post-Vietnam, anti-war campaign gave substantial and essential aid and comfort to the enemy. The Kerry-Fonda Soviet inspired and supported anti-war effort led directly to not only American casualties including POWs, but eventually led to America abandoning Vietnam resulting in the deaths, imprisonment, flight and misery of millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians and others. Today John Kerry still holds a place of honor in a War Museum in Vietnam as a Communist hero for his poisonous effort on their behalf, He's honored as a hero by the people who actually committed 99% of the atrocities in that terrible war. It's his major achievement so far other than, perhaps, marrying rich women. During his 20 some years in the Senate he has been identified with no major legislation. He has never had a serious leadership position. He has mainly spent time there continuing to do as much harm as possible to AmericaCbCB9s military strength. As was spelled out so eloquently in Democrat Zell Miller's speech at the Republican National Convention, Sen. Kerry has voted against funding virtually every major American weapons system that is helping us stay strong today as well as budgets for the CIA, FBI and NSA.

It is not surprising that the American intelligence and military establishment and millions of veterans have a deep distrust if not outright dislike of a man who clearly lied about major aspects of his own military service and based on all available evidence, more than likely lied in order to get the purple hearts and other medals that he later threw away. Or whatever he did. He has yet to permit the Pentagon to open approximately 100 pages of his military record so that the American people can make an independent judgment of what is in those records. He refuses to sign Navy Form 180 to release these medical and military records. Americans want to know, what's he hiding? Why was he denied an honorable discharge from the Navy until 1978 before a special review board? And why did it take until 1985, after Kerry became a U.S. senator that his medals had to be reissued? That would only have been necessary if he had received a dishonorable discharge and been stripped of his medals. Many Americans want to know what do the files of the FBI during those anti-war years show about Kerry? He's never explained how his meetings with the Vietnamese Communists in Paris in 1971 were arranged. Or who paid for the trip? Or what was said or promised? What we do know is what happened when he came home and subsequently lied before Congress painting all Americans in Vietnam as war criminals. It was precisely the Soviet, Vietnamese Communist party line down to the last syllable. His platform was word for word the CommunistCbCB9s seven-point peace plan.

The code of the U.S. Military is built on principles of duty, loyalty, honor, country and truth. Most veterans identify deeply with those principles. These do not match up in any way, shape or form with John Kerry who is at best a shallow opportunist. This is a guy who says he sees the "heart and soul of America" in the cocaine-soaked anti-American entertainment industry typified by the ultimate slob, Michael Moore.

This November, Americans were called upon to choose a leader who will carry the fight against the Islamic radicals who are totally committed to our destruction. What nation wants to be identified with and led by a Benedict Arnold, a man who gave aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war when its fighting men and women and POWs were being killed? What nation wants to be led in a time of war by someone who has consistently voted to weaken the nationCbCB9s military and intelligence establishment? Who wants a commander-in-chief who contributed significantly to our defeat in Vietnam and is now inspiring an American defeat in Iraq? What nation wants to be led by a man whose fundamental moral character is so obviously deeply flawed? Who wants to have a commander-in-chief who is so obviously unfit for command?

We were faced with the prospect having the Manchurian Candidate as President and Commander-in-Chief. This is a man who managed to game his way into three highly questionable purple hearts and a Silver Star. This is a disgrace and an outright insult to those men killed, wounded or decorated at places like Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, Omaha Beach, Iwo Jima, Battle of the Bulge, the Chosin Reservoir, the Battle of Hue, the Gulf War and the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq.

George Bush was never in combat, but he flew high performance fighter jets as a full time officer for two years and spent parts of the next four years in the service of his country at a time when draftees were only required to serve a total of two years. And he certainly never gave aid and comfort to the enemy. In any case, he wasn't asking the American people to re-elect him on the basis of his record in the National Guard. The President, who already has nearly four years on the job, cares deeply about his country and the American people. He loves America and what it stands for. He would never have thought of cavorting with the enemy in a time of war. He is honest and resolute. He has shown courage, resolve and strong leadership at a time when it has been badly needed. One is reminded of Winston Churchill who suffered the same sort of criticisms in his time that George Bush suffers from today. The British had to quickly dump Neville Chamberlain after his famous "peace in our time" meeting with Adolph Hitler a few months before Hitler invaded Poland. Chamberlain had been elected Prime Minister instead of Churchill because Chamberlain convinced the British that he understood nuance in dealing with the enemy.

John Kerry has been accused of being a flip-flopper. Actually Kerry has been remarkably consistent. Thirty-some years ago, he did what he could to undermine troop morale. He's doing the same today. Thirty-some years ago, he pandered to the leftist elite. He's doing the same today. Thirty-some years ago, he gave aid and comfort to the enemy. He's doing the same today. Thirty-some years ago he wanted us to lose in Vietnam and did all he could to make that happen. Today, he clearly wants us to lose in Iraq. Thirty-some years ago, he was a traitor. So where's the flip-flop?

Basically, the Democrats made a terrible and stupid choice. They could have selected Joe Lieberman, who would have been a legitimate, credible and serious challenger to George Bush and who could have provided reasonable discourse about our position in the world. Instead they chose a candidate endorsed by Michael Moore, Dan Rather, Teddy Kennedy, the Hollywood crowd, the successors to Madam Binh, George Soros, Jane Fonda, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jacques Chirac, and, this may sound a bit harsh, the Arab terrorists. But ask yourself honestly. Who do you think they would prefer?

Kerry is slick, has a central casting look and is quick on his feet. HeCbCB9s so quick he'll say anything to get elected. He'll take any position depending on the day and place. He is a man without any semblance of a moral compass except the one that points to him.

Here's the real point. John Kerry should not have been running for president. He should be serving 25 years to life in a federal penitentiary.


Frank Hawkins,
(former Capt. US Army Intelligence)
Tavernier, FL

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