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Dedication is dedicated to the American veterans of the Vietnam War, who served with courage and honor.

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January 30, 2008:
FrontPage Magazine: To Set The Record Straight

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Citing the unpopularity of the Iraqi War, many political pundits previously characterized this year's presidential election as "Kerry's to lose." Consequently, one would think that the Senator's humiliating defeat stemmed from a number of untimely blunders - most of which were under his direct control. If that was the case, he lived up to expectations and stumbled - thus, saving our nation from suffering the consequences of his dubious leadership. While the DNC continues to struggle with defining the "meaning" of their loss, the triumphant can't afford to be complacent in their victory. In fact, the timing is opportune to orchestrate significant change - that is, the subverting of our mainstream media.

During the past election cycle, most advocacy groups were either struggling with or silenced by newly imposed campaign finance reforms. Inevitably, these "unconstitutional" constraints opened the door for supercilious media elites to seize the opportunity and suppress those news stories deemed harmful to the campaigning efforts of their favored candidate - John Kerry. Of greater significance was their predilection to coordinate the dissemination of falsifications, in a blatant attempt, to destroy a sitting president and undermine our electoral process. Assuming that the press is such a formidable and influential player begs the question - why did Kerry lose?

No doubt, a "sleeping giant" was awakened by John Kerry's decision to centralize his "contrived" war hero status as the focal point of his campaign. The "Swift Boat" sailors, in conjunction with a number of other veteran groups, came forth in protest of Kerry's "tainted" past. The Senator grossly miscalculated by ignoring these powerful adversaries and outsourced the security of his political future to a group of co-conspirators - the left-wing "thugs" who controlled the press and major television stations. Indisputably, the resulting media "blackout" compelled Kerry's detractors to seek other avenues, through which, to transmit the truth about his treasonous history. Those who deny the existence of media bias should consider the following chronology of events for it clearly exemplifies the depth to which political chicanery was entrenched:

5/04/04: Washington press conference hosted by Swift Boat Sailors for Truth - a petition was presented on behalf of over 250 veterans, representing Kerry's entire chain of command, deeming him unfit to serve as Commander-In-Chief. The press refused to publicize the story claiming that it would be detrimental to Kerry's campaigning efforts.

5/31/04: Vietnam Vets for the Truth (VVT) broke the "Museum Photo" story on the Internet and a number of talk radio shows. It concerned Kerry's photograph being honorably displayed at the "War Crimes" museum in Ho Chi Minh City (formally Saigon). The exhibit was displayed in the "American Protestor's" section of the museum with an entrance plaque reading, "the world supports Vietnam in its resistance". The communist Vietnamese were obviously thanking him for his contribution to their victory over the United States. The press and major television networks refused to investigate and squelched the story.

7/11/04: Vietnamese News Service (VNS) circulated an article condemning the United States over POW abuses at Abu Grieb prison. Incorporated in their release was reference to John Kerry's 1971 Senatorial testimony - claims of widespread war crimes being committed by US soldiers, on a routine basis, with full awareness of all levels of command. All efforts to publicize this story, which evidenced the communist's continued "fondness" of John Kerry, were met with deaf ears.

8/15/04: John O'Neil and Jerry Corsi released Unfit for Command for purchase by the general public. The book ranked #1 on Amazon's "Best Sellers" list for several weeks prior to even being marketed. Despite brisk sales, the New York Times neglected to review the book and most national retailers didn't openly display it for months to come. The mainstream media's response was to initiate a campaign, of slanderous assaults, to discredit those "Swift Boat" veterans who contributed their personal accounts to the publication.

8/17/04: Vietnam Vets for the Truth hosted a fundraising dinner in Connecticut. The event was well attended with proceeds earmarked to benefit their "Kerry Lied" Rally in Washington. Speakers included Capt. Larry Bailey (retired), Atty. Dexter Lehtinen, and Roy Innis, Chairman (CORE), Jerry Corsi, and Jeffrey Epstein. In an effort to protect Kerry, local network stations refused to televise the event.

9/07/04: Washington press conference hosted by Vietnam Vets for the Truth (VVT) at the National Press Club. The following "noteworthy" speakers participated in the event: Terry Garlock (Former CEO of VVT, Cobra pilot who suffered broken back after "shoot down" in Vietnam), Larry Bailey (President of VVT, retired Navy Captain, former Commander of Navy SEAL School, retired from 27- year military career. Since retirement, has been credited with exposing thousands of "phony" Navy SEALS nationwide), Dexter Lehtinen (Former U.S. Attorney - convicted Noriega - and Florida State Legislator, also served as Army ranger until severely wounded in Vietnam). Over 20 reporters and a half-dozen camera crews were present. Several of Kerry's "leftist" hecklers posed as newsmen and attempted to disrupt the program. The networks did not air coverage of the press conference.

9/12/04: "Kerry Lied, While Good Men Died" Rally sponsored by Vietnam Vets for the Truth. The event was held at the Upper Senate Park in Washington DC. Twelve speakers, including American POW's, addressed a crowd of veterans and their supporters estimated to be in excess of 7,000 participants. A number of broadcasting crews were in attendance but only C-SPAN televised coverage of this unprecedented event.

10/11/04: POW documentary Stolen Honor was released for public viewing. Sinclair Broadcasting ordered an airing of the production on 62 of it's affiliated stations in 39 markets. Under threat of legal action, and boycotts, Sinclair bowed to pressure from Kerry's henchmen and cancelled the showing.

It's obvious to the "informed" that the left-wing media elite, within our borders, simply doesn't get it. Paying homage to our war dead, on Memorial Day, and honoring the living on Veterans Day is not enough. Our veterans have clearly earned the right to speak by unselfishly answering their nation's call and putting themselves in harm's way.

In the end, Vietnam veterans were not only heard, they were united, for one last time, to achieve a far greater victory - they saved our nation from an uncertain fate. To many, in doing so, they were also vindicated from carrying the stain of Kerry's lies for the past 33 years.

Fortunately, technological advancements gave rise to a number of alternative conduits through which crucial information could be efficiently conveyed throughout the world. In this case, it was the veteran's issues with Senator Kerry that the Internet Samizdat had broadcast throughout the nation. Numerous articles concerning the "Museum Photo" story, Unfit For Command, Stolen Honor, Kerry's "discharge" status, various press conferences, the "Kerry Lied" Rally, "Rathergate," Al-QaQaa and a host of other topics were popularized on various Internet news sites. It was estimated that over 80% of the voting public was exposed to those stories and other pertinent facts so despicably concealed in "Pravda" fashion, by our left-leaning press. Simultaneously, a powerful network emerged and proved far more damaging to Kerry's presidential prospects. An unprecedented number of citizens were energized to defeat the "traitor" and linked up, via e-mail, as a Herculean force to be reckoned with. This integrated "association" not only made certain that all relevant articles, and opinions were instantly circulated to like-minded "folk" but fed a hungry national audience, which grew exponentially.

In consideration of the mainstream media's longstanding commitment to undermining our great Republic", we cannot afford to soften our stance by casting sympathetic life-lines to the likes of Dan Rather, Ted Koppel and Lawrence O'Donnell - for they are destined to drown in a sea of despair. It's time for the masses to unite and inform the "leftist" activists of exactly where this country stands - that is, in condemnation of their unpatriotic rhetoric and intolerable behavior. From a purely capitalistic perspective, an organized movement to boycott products advertised on their programs and in their papers will prove far more effective than simply switching channels.

Of greater significance, it is imperative that we recognize a number of Internet news sites for assisting us in achieving our primary goal - defeating John Kerry. The preferred expression of appreciation involves opening a checkbook and contributing to those privately-owned organizations which not only came to the rescue of the Vietnam veterans, but helped prevent the reins of our great nation from falling into "unworthy" hands. John Kerry came very close to realizing his life-long political aspiration. If it wasn't for a number of "online" journalists, Kerry would have faired far better on Inauguration Day and George Soros might have been sworn in as Secretary of State.

Every concerned citizen, with the financial wherewithal, should consider donating to those news sites with which they share common values, concerns, and political ambitions. When doing so, please consider and World Net Daily's contributions to John Kerry's defeat.

Of additional consideration, a radio station in America's heartland, the battleground State of Ohio, greatly impacted President Bush's reelection prospects. The Schiffer Report is a Cleveland based talk show that broadcasts across Cuyahoga County. The host, Paul Schiffer, dedicated the last 10 months to veteran issues and informing the public about John Kerry's treasonous past. Paul deserves the financial assistance to propel the show into the national spotlight. Contributions can be mailed to: Paul Schiffer, 2506 Sixth Street NW, Canton, Ohio 44708.

Jeffrey M. Epstein served as Vietnam Vets for the Truth's Media Relations Director and was personally responsible for breaking the "Museum Photo" story. Although not a Vietnam veteran, he was passionately driven, out of patriotic lineage, to prevent John Kerry from becoming our Commander In Chief.


Jeffrey M. Epstein

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