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John F. Kerry -- the Real Manchurian Candidate

There are many similarities between the fictional Manchurian Candidate, Sergeant Raymond Shaw, who returns to America after the Korean War with a Medal of Honor, and John F Kerry.

In the original 1962 movie-THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, starring Frank Sinatra and Laurence Harvey, not the recent politically correct version of the movie, the communists in the Korean War capture an American infantry platoon and subject them to intense brainwashing techniques.

One of the patrol members, Sergeant Shaw, played by Harvey, is a carefully programmed sleeper agent, brainwashed to go back to America to kill the future President of the United States. The hypnotic trigger that will move Sergeant Shaw to follow his secret agent's order is the symbol, the queen of diamonds. Flash the queen of diamonds and Shaw will do anything his communist agent tells him.

The real Manchurian Candidate has been doing the communists bidding for them ever since he returned from the Vietnam War. Naval Lieutenant John Kerry immediately crossed over by declaring before Congressional Hearings in l971 that all Vietnam Veterans were guilty of war crimes endorsed and sanctioned by official US policy.

The North Vietnamese Stalinists in Hanoi had found an American military officer to champion their cause. Kerry participated in a phony war crimes trial in Detroit. He traveled to Paris several times while still a military officer in the Naval Reserves to meet with representatives of the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese. This was an act of treason.

At the time Kerry was participating in these traitorous acts and pandering for the enemy in Hanoi, brave young Vietnam Veterans were dying in Vietnam.

Asked in front of Congress, whether there would be a blood bath in Southeast Asia if the Americans pulled out, Kerry spouted the carefully crafted propaganda of the communists, "They only have an issue with several thousand of the higher ranking officers and officials in the South Vietnamese Government."

Tragically, that several thousand ended up being one million dead in the concentration camps of South Vietnam and two million or more dead in Cambodia. The Politburo in Hanoi had made it clear that they had a blood debt to collect, which they did for many years after the war.

For those too young to remember the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh, the leader of the North Vietnamese, said that the Vietnam War would be won in the streets of America as the war protestors would weaken the will of the American government to continue the war. John Kerry was the field general of the radical fringe group, Vietnam Veterans against the war, many of whom later turned out to be imposters.

No Vietnam Veteran did more to champion the causes of the Stalinists in Hanoi than John Kerry. Had someone been flashing the queen of diamonds at Kerry?

General Giap, the architect of the Communist victory, wrote in his l985 memoirs, that if it weren't for organizations like Kerry's VVAW, Hanoi would have surrendered to the United States.

If there were a real Manchurian Candidate programmed to do the Communists bidding, wouldn't he be recognized for his accomplishments after the war. John Kerry's photo has finally been placed in the right historical context for what his actions accomplished after his return from a four-month tour of duty in Vietnam. In the War Remnants Museum in Saigon today, in a special section devoted to anti-war activists, we find a picture of John Kerry, along with photos of his fellow travelers, Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark.

The photo depicts Kerry being greeted in l993 by the General Secretary of the Communist Party, Comrade Do Muoi. John Kerry gave the Stalinists in Hanoi for free what American POWs were resisting under torture to keep from signing phony propaganda statements. To view the picture, check out

It's uncanny how John Kerry's actions after the war follow the movie line when he travels to Kansas City for a special meeting of anti-war activists. Like the movie character Sergeant Shaw who was programmed to kill the President, assassinations of US Congressman were discussed at this meetings. Thank god no one flashed the queen of diamonds in Kerry's presence.

To our knowledge, Kerry was never submitted to the intense brainwashing of Sergeant Shaw, but hey, one never knows. Maybe he really was inside Cambodia as he says in his Vietnam Memoir. He testified before Congress that the memory was seared into his mind on that Christmas Eve l968 when Nixon had ordered them there. Wouldn't he have to have been brainwashed to utter such an untruth. Nixon hadn't taken office yet. And he even claims that the soldiers of the South Vietnamese in a drunken frenzy at a Christmas party were firing at him and his crew, reminiscent of another war movie, APOCALYPSE NOW. That's strange since the South Vietnamese soldiers were mostly Buddhist.

It's an obvious a lie, but maybe he was brainwashed. Maybe the commies did work their magic on him. When he uttered these absurd comments in l985, he was testifying before congress trying everything in his power to have aid denied to the Contras in Nicaragua, thus aiding Comrade Daniel Ortega and his ally Fidel Castro. He rushed to Nicaragua after his testimony to embrace a grateful Ortega.

Let's examine other John Kerry Manchurian Candidate characteristics. He refused to allow The Vietnam Human Rights Bill (H.R.-2833) to be brought before the Senate in 2001 for even discussion, after the bill sailed through the House by a vote of 400 to l. Apparently he doesn't want the communist party that controls Vietnam today to allow their citizens freedom of religion and human rights. He did this at a time when our former allies, the Montagnards, were being persecuted and killed in Vietnam. The ethnic cleansing of these people still continues today.

On to the POW issue of the l990's. As chairman of the Senate Select Committee of POW/MIAs, Kerry did everything in his power to cover up and white wash the POW hearings in l992. He knowingly abandoned live POWs in North Vietnam and then had his staff members destroy evidence to that effect. His staff assistant, Francis Zwenig coached North Vietnamese witnesses how to concoct plausible stories, thus discrediting live sightings of POWS. (See Sidney Schanberg's article in the Village Voice "When John Kerry's Courage Went MIA.)"

Once the POW issue had been buried for good, Kerry was on the Senate floor pushing through a resolution calling on President Clinton to lift the l9-year old trade embargo with Vietnam. His first cousin, C. Stewart Forbes CEO of Colliers International, signed a contract with Hanoi worth billions of dollars after relations were established with Vietnam. What a coincidence?

Back to the original movie and another uncanny parallel between the movie script and John Kerry as a Manchurian candidate. Frank Sinatra, playing Captain Marco was Sergeant Shaw's immediate commander in the prison camp where they were held. He and fellow platoon members began having nightmares about Shaw and that he really didn't deserve the Medal of Honor.

Members of Sergeant Shaw's platoon seem to all parrot the same message in regard to Shaw's actions in the Korean War, "Raymond Shaw is the kindest, warmest, bravest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life." At the democrat convention in Boston, John Kerry, a few members of his Swift boat crew, and the delegates in attendance seem to parrot the same language, "John Kerry is the bravest, kindest, and most patriotic presidential candidate that we have ever known in our lives."

Sinatra as Major Bennett Marco flashes the queen of diamond bringing his fellow soldier Sergeant Shaw to his senses, where he is confronted with the truth that he really doesn't deserve the Medal of Honor and that he has been brainwashed to do the communists bidding. We learn that Sergeant Shaw's actions for the Medal of Honor were implanted by hypnosis during brainwashing sessions.

From the way Kerry has been reacting to the Swift Boat TV spots, maybe the Swift Boat guys have placed a queen of diamonds subliminally in one of the messages.

Now we have The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth claiming that many of Kerry's medals are undeserved and came as a result of gaming the system. Three band-aid purple hearts, and Kerry comes home to begin trashing his fellow Vietnam Vets and calling them war criminals.

The fictional Manchurian Candidate only gave his mind over to do the bidding of the communists after the brutal brainwashing techniques actually practiced on our US POWs during the Korean War. But at the end of the movie, Sergeant Shaw recognizes the monster that the evil communists have created in him, and he turns his rifle on himself rather than assassinate the President of the United States.

But the real Manchurian Candidate, John F. Kerry, seems to have given his mind over freely to pander to the communists in Vietnam in the past and even today as he prevents human rights legislation that would aid those being oppressed there.

John F. Kerry seems to do the bidding of our enemies freely, as he has voted against every intelligence and defense effort in Congress for 20 years.

At his keynote address at the Democrat National Convention, he began his speech, "I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty." But, reporting to whom, I ask?

OK, maybe there is really someone out there flashing the queen of diamonds.

It's now up to the American electorate to remove him from the scene.

Rich Webster
Lt. with the Regional Forces / Popular Forces, Vietnam 1968 - 1969

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