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Dedication is dedicated to the American veterans of the Vietnam War, who served with courage and honor.

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To My Fellow Americans

Something to think about and consider as we approach election time to pick a president and the direction of our country. I'm a combat veteran of the Vietnam War and I'm against John Kerry's candidacy. I served in the field and witnessed many acts of heroism by American teenage soldiers who became men, and some that laid down their lives. I am deeply troubled by the political commercials portraying Mr. Kerry as a war hero, leaving one with the opinion that he represents Vietnam veterans. He does not.

Considering his radical anti war activism upon his return to the US, the act of throwing his service medals over the White House fence is arrogant, insulting and dishonors any American who ever wore a military uniform, and the 58,000 American sons who sacrificed their lives. It is also disrespectful to the families of the missing in action and prisoners of war. To think of John Kerry grandstanding on the graves of these brave men who are heroes is disgusting. It is apparent to me that this was a well-calculated plan to sell him as a war hero for political gain to get him elected to office. His running mate asserts that "he (Kerry) would never leave anyone behind." Well Mr. Kerry, what about the hundreds of American soldiers still missing in action from the Vietnam War? Weren't you the committee chairman concerning this issue? Where is the accounting of these American soldiers to date?

The radical anti war movement, which Mr. Kerry was involved in, was very harmful to our national resolve while we were at a time of war. It aided the communists by giving the enemy strategic political advantage, much like today's war in Iraq.

I am concerned about allegations by his superior officers and men he served with regarding his actions and character while in the military and after he returned to the US.

If character is an issue, then allow the voices of the wives and family members, of over two thousand American soldiers still missing in action from the Vietnam War, to be heard. These men were written off like a bad debt by self serving politicians in order to normalize relations with communist Vietnam and Senator Kerry was the chairman of the committee that reviewed this issue for then president Clinton. Is it any wonder that his picture hangs in the war hero's museum in communist Vietnam?


Lewis L. Millett
Colonel USA (ret.)

World War II 1941-45
Korea 1950-51
Vietnam 1960-61, 1968-73


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