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Dedication is dedicated to the American veterans of the Vietnam War, who served with courage and honor.

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Information Digest Special Report on VVAW: 8/25/72 (page 3)


PDF p.44





Addenda to the Information Digest Special Report of 8/25/72.


Pages 1-2: On 10/3/67 Corliss Lamont sent a second contribution of $500 to Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) via Bernard Koten toward the cost of an antiwar advertisement which appeared in the New York Times 11/19/67 headed, "Vietnam Veterans Speak Out."


This 11/19/67 advertisement listed Jan Crumb of P.O. Box 719, Times Square Station, N.Y., N.Y. 10036 as VVAW Coordinator; it was signed by the following:



Sgt. Alfred L. Ackerley, USMC

Lt/JG Richard M. Howland, USNR

Sgt. Albert B. Adams, Jr., USA Spec. Forces

Pfc. Dalton C. James, Jr. USA

A 1C Samuel J. Albury, Jr., USAF

Pfc. F.J. Johnson, USMC

Sp/4 Robert F. Barnes, USA

YM2 Stephen J. Kessler, USN

Cpl. Joseph J. Barr, USMC

Sp/4 Anthony Liotta, USA

M.U.2 Bernard Bartz, USN

Sp/4 James MacKenzie, USA

Capt. Arthur S. Blank, Jr., M.D., USA

Sp/5 Dink McCarter, USA

Sp/5 Philip E. Beck, USA

Sgt. Michael Mutnick, USMC

L Cpl. G. James Boggio, USMC

Pfc. James N. Oss, USA

SP/4 Allen D. Brandon, USA

S/Sgt. Richard Parker, USMC

Sp/5 David C.G. Braum, USA

Ph/3 Sheldon Ramsdell, USN

1/Lt N. Daniel Burdekin, USA

Sp/5 John M. Regan, USA

L/Cpl. Carl Joseph Campbell, USMC

Pfc. Joseph Renard, USA

Sp/5 Daniel E. Cleghorn, USA

Sp/4 Richard N. Reynolds, USA

Sp/4 Peter J. Coe, USA

Sgt. Francis R. Rocks, USA

1/Lt Peter G. Conrad, USMC

Sp/4 Carl D. Rogers, USA

SM George Cross, USN

J03 Joseph M. Ryan, USN

Sp/4 Jan B. Crumb, USA

Sp/4 Stanley J. Scholl, USA

SP/4 Marshall D'Arcy, USA

Sp/5 Jeffrey J. Sharlet, USA

A/2C Richard J. Davis, USAF

Cpl. Lanny R. Sievers, USMC

Sp/4 Dennis M. DeMello, USA

SM2 Dennis W. Sinclair, USN

YN3 Mark E. Donnelly, USN

Sp/5 Edward Walter Smith, USA

M Sgt.Donald W. Duncan,

Sp/4 Gerald M. Sutliff, USA

GMG2 G. Newell Eisele, USN

Sp/4 Thomas V. Viscuso, USA

USA Special Forces

1 Lt Carl W. Walker, USMC

1 Lt. Carl Fogelberg, USMC

Pfc. Joseph Washington, USA

Sp/4 Steven M. Fox, USA

Sp/5 Donald Weiss, USA

Sp/5 Neil Friedman, USA

A/iC Robert Wilkinson, USAF

Sp/4 Christian K. v. Grammitc, USA

Sp/4 Chuck Williams, USA

Sp/4 Stephen Greene, USA

Sp/4 Jack E. Wilson, USA

Sp/4 Samuel M. Grupper, USA

Pfc. William F. Wilt, USA

Cpl. William D. Hamilton, USMC

A/2C James A. Zaleski, USAF

Sp/4 Norman J. Harrds, Jr. USA


Sp/4 Jonathan Horwitz, USA









PDF p.45






On July 29, 1970, Vietnam Veterans Against the War was incorporated in the State of New York. The directors of VVAW were named Jan Crumb, 803 Comstock Avenue, Syracuse, New York; Scott Moore, 206 West 99th Street, New York, N.Y. [CRAIG SCOTT MOORE, *MEMBER OF SUBJECT ORGANIZATION]; Al Hubbard, 160-11 - 129th Avenue, Jamaica, Queens, N.Y.; and Carl Walker, 530 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. [CARL W. WALKER, *]


Those who signed the certificate of incorporation were Al Hubbard, Anthony Velez [*], Joseph P. Urgo, Rehart McLane [*] and Craig Scott Moore. [N.Y.]


The purposes of the corporation, as stated on the certificate, included the following:


* To contribute toward ending the War in Vietnam and Southeast Asia by developing the abilities of the members to collect and disseminate information to the public; to encourage all responsible efforts not in violation of 50 U.S.C. Ch. 15, 22, 23, to effect peace in Southeast Asia by the use of the knowledge and experience of the membership.


* To aid and assist veterans.


* To participate actively in activities for veterans' rights.


The certificate further states that the "territory in which the operations of said Corporation are to be principally conducted are the Continental United States, territories and possessions of the United States."


In March 1972, VVAW was incorporated in the State of Missouri by Charles Antoni [*], Richard Bangert [*] and Peter Pfeffer [*]. [MO.]










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