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Dedication is dedicated to the American veterans of the Vietnam War, who served with courage and honor.

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This section is for feedback and input from your side of the monitor. We'll be publishing "letters to the editor" as they come in, with our responses. is also searching for primary documents, films, photographs and reports related to the portion of the anti-war movement that centered around the Winter Soldier Investigation.


My name is DONNA NGUYEN, in the US I am a hairdresser, but in VN,I was A high school teacher, my husband was a lieutenant colnel in the south vietnamese army, he get kill by the comunist, and about 56,000 american get kill too, I still feel like our country need to do something to pay the respect and the loss of all AMERICAN soldier sacrificed their lifes for my country, that's why I always support the troop and support the PRESIDENT. In this letter, first I would like to thank to John Kerry, because without his betrayal to be super anti war, I can't be in the US, to have a better life than live with VC, second I would like to thank you to write the book" UNFIT FOR COMMAND", absolutely he is not deserve to be my president, I wish all the AMERICAN can read this book, so they can open their eyes , THANKS again, my english is not good,I hope you understand , I did try to tell to all people that I know about your book, THANKS.

Donna Nguyen

Thanks very much for writing. Too many Americans forget the great sacrifices made by the South Vietnamese as they fought to defend their homeland against the invaders from the North. We will forward your letter to John O'Neill and Jerry Corsi.



In your "Kerry's Testimony Speaks Volumes," Cory G. argues that Kerry was mistaken in believing that free fire zones, interdiction fire, and the use of .50-cal machine guns on humans constituted war crimes. Genelin writes "CB"C"bB,CB&I am disappointed but certainly not shocked to find that a junior officer was confused concerning the above."

Kerry was no more confused about these tactics than he was duped into believing faux testimony at the Winter Soldier investigation. Rather, Kerry felt that the end justified the means. And by "end" I mean the withdraw of US troops from Vietnam. And by "means" I mean lying.

Ken Hardy

Mr. Genelin was giving Kerry the benefit of the doubt. We tend to agree with your own interpretation.



I donCB"C"bB,C"bB"t know if my comments will make it to your pages. Maybe my words are worthless, since they are coming from someone who first of all was too young at the time, and also lived on the other side of the fence. Yet reading these comments and testimonies, as well reading Unfit for Command and as well remembering what I was taught at home, I can feel nothing else but disgust and anger. Someone who does not understand honor, someone who doesn't value friendship cannot be called a human being, forget about pretending being the leader of US.

What is unfortunate is that some of the people from here do not understand even now how the things on the other side of the fence were and they're going the same path without realizing it's not only to their own peril, but endanger countless other lives. The fact that Kerry and others alike hurt their country image and credibility ended up in making Eastern Europe where I come from still be crucified by the Soviets. And if some think this is just a metaphor I would invite anyone of them to live how we lived. Waiting in line for hours in a snow-storm to buy a bread, using a gas lamp in the night to learn for university exams, always feeling cold in cave-like apartments, turning on the TV for 2 hours a day just to listen to the mandatory propaganda and I could keep on like this with just the daily routines. And we were let's say the more fortunate ones of the society. I think I've seen more than enough what the so-called "left" can produce. I just hope that people from here start waking-up and vote the right way. I'll end up my message with an old joke relevant of how we thought of beating the "system":

Question in the morning to Radio Erevan:

- Can Communism be built in America?
- Yes of course!!! But it would be such a pity...

Adrian Popescu

Your words, and your experiences, are far from worthless. Thanks for adding a perspective from behind the Iron Curtain...



Being a Viet Nam vet in a free fire zone. Ask john warner how many more years did he want to stay in the prison camp? and ask if he prayed to god to get him out. Well I thank god for kerry and the rest of the protesters who ended the war for me and got the pows out not bush who hid under daddys arm of protection your out fit is a shame to truth.

and for Oneil he is a whimp who had the biggest crook ever as a president pump his weak ego up and thats all he has had his whole life is the push a crook gave him. you idiots are sick. I was in the war and it was wrong as Iraq. so you let bush get us into iran and all the crap you want. its my grandchild and your you will kill. Honor and loayty Oneil says? oh bush is full of honor. he did not even do the gaurd with honor. WAKE UP!


A large group of POWs just went on the record accusing Kerry of prolonging their stay in Hanoi, so clearly they don't agree with you.

John O'Neill came to Nixon's attention after he agreed to debate Kerry, not before. Then he had nothing to do with politics for more than 30 years while building a successful law firm.

We doubt that knowing these facts will have any influence whatsoever on your opinion, but we are fond of facts, and like to share them.



I am an VN era vet. I have been overwhelmed by the personal reports of our vets retuning home from VN and being assaulted by some Americans. I am heartbroken. I wonder if those who spat in the faces of our returning soldiers even remember what they did. John F'n Kerry has based his campaign on VN with the hopes that the war was forgotten. It's been "so long ago." And you know, everyone wanted to "forget" that war and it's time. Boy did he miscalculate. May God bless our VN vets. May God bless them with his grace and long missed peace.

I was in from 1960 to 1965, USNavy. (Femme side).

Clasina Segura (RM2 USN)
New Iberia, LA

Many veterans see John Kerry's candidacy as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to set the record straight, expose yesterday's lies, and finally lay the old ghosts to rest.

Granted, that probably isn't what Kerry had in mind...



Your Lies will come back 10 fold. Considering you cant get one man from the actual boat your up the river without a paddle :)

We shall see whos truth previals.

James Deedler

Lots of people write to complain that we are telling awful lies, but then they never manage to name any.

As for your boat story, Steve Gardner of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth served on Kerry's boat longer than anybody else. He says, among other things, that Kerry's oft-repeated tale of battling the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia is a crock. Dozens of other Swift Vets were close enough to testify about Kerry's various actions in a court of law. Perhaps that's why so many people believe what they have to say.



I have just finished reading John O'Neill's book. More than once I had to put it down because I was so angry with John Kerry.

I come from a long line of military relatives as does my husband. My husband attended a military high school then received an appointment to USAFA when he was just 17 years old in the early 1960's. It was an honor to attend the Academy but the strictness, the rules, the survival training- all were difficult and sometimes brutal but he knew it was necessary for what may lie ahead. He was right- some in his squadron were killed or injured very badly in Vietnam. We get together every 5 years for reunions and there is a bond that is so deep with these guys that it would be hard to explain. Never, never, have I heard any of them speak or act like John Kerry. They are proud they served and though some still have nightmares from some of their experiences, they know what they did was necessary-but most of all they know they were good and honorable soldiers who loved their country, took care of their brothers, and tried to make the world a better place.

How John Kerry can sleep at night or look at himself in the mirror I do not know. My husband is not ready to read the book yet though he knows from the media many parts of it. I speak lightly when I say it makes his "blood boil" so he will wait a bit to read it. We pray George Bush will win the election and we ask God every day not to let someone like John Kerry lead our wonderful country. What will become of us if he wins?

Thank you for letting me vent.
Mrs. Bill Rodgers

You are quite welcome.

The Kerry campaign didn't have much success suppressing Unfit for Command, but it's not hard to understand why they tried.



Dear Sirs,

Like many, I served in the military (USMC) during the Vietnam era, but I'm more interested in saluting (~S~) my brother who was career Air Force. He was a FAC out of Pleiku in an OV-10 and pulled missions in Vietnam and over the Trail. He got a DFC or two for other actions, but I was more struck by a purple heart he got when a 50 cal fragment cut him in the neck over the Trail. I tried to think what it was like to have blood coming out of your neck as you are are trying to fly your plane home all alone and "wondering" the whole way.

I guess Lt Kerry was equally concerned as his shipmates pulled "rice" out of his butt on the way back to his base.

~S~ to All and God Bless.
Eric K.

Thanks for writing. An ~S~ back to you and to your brother, who clearly has what Tom Wolfe once called "the right stuff."



As I looked through a few pages of John Kerry's book "The New Soldier" online. I was amazed at some of the nonsense some of these supposedly Vietnam Veterans stated for the Congressional Record in 1971. First, there is Ron Newton. He claims to have been with the 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry Division July '66 - June '67. His statement attempts to make us believe he was at Pleiku. I went to Vietnam with the 3rd Brigade 4 Infantry Division by troopship. We left Ft. Lewis in September '66. The 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry Division was never near Pleiku until September '67.

Second, although I was not there, Larry Rottmann claimed that a chaplain prayed for the enemy on Sunday and served as a door gunner on a helicopter the rest of the week to earn flight pay. I would like a comment from any truthful veteran on the incoming forum. An officer serving as a chaplain as a door gunner?

Thanks to all who seek the truth.

Roy Reed, 3rd Brigade 4th Inf Div, Bear Cat & Dau Teing '66-'67

Nice catches. Keep those cards and letters coming, folks...



My father served and died honorably in Vietnam and I want to thank you for finally getting the truth about our soldiers out there to the public. So much was ignored for so long and at last it is coming to light. John Fudging Kerry needs to come clean and hopefully your efforts can make it so. I appreciate your work.

Noelle Patton

Thanks very much. Perhaps we can do a little to help clear your father's name and the names of all the others.



Your website is just this side of obscene...

I am amazed at how cheaply you hold the ideals of the US military, you should be slapped upside the head.

Allan Christie

That's funny; we've received overwhelming support from members of the military, both past and present...

Perhaps one of us is confused.



I've really enjoyed reading the truth about Viet Nam from actual veterans, and not the old propaganda I remember watching nightly on TV, and reading newspapers from the late 60's and early 70's. I was a teenager in then. I remember my uncle and a number of cousins who served during those years, and how none of them came home to a grateful nation. One of them didn't come home alive, and I remember the funeral. He died at age 19, 2 weeks before he was scheduled to leave Viet Nam. To a young impressionable mind, I felt at that time, America must be doing something bad and I began to not feel good about myself as an American.

I grew up, married, started a family and have now come to the conclusion 30 years later, that our country is the greatest on earth, and I now understand WHY I felt like an "ugly American" during my impressionable teen years. The antiwar groups were not just about wanting to stop the war, they wanted to bring shame to all of us for being Americans and for what our country stands for: Liberty and justice for all...

I now understand why my grandfather used to say, our enemies will use whatever means necessary to defeat us, even if they must use our own citizens. He used to talk around the dinner table about politics, the war, and his belief that propaganda was the cheapest, most effective warfare mechanism known to man. He used to say "America will not be brought down by foreign governments, but by her own people, from within." I listened to him, not truly understanding, but when my grandfather said to me one day, "Sis, your granddad is a member of the silent majority. We work hard, go to church, pay our taxes, send our sons to serve, and all for the future generations, our grandchildren." His comments have meaning and show a man with a core belief in the goodness of America.

My son is a political theory major at UVA, and I've recommended your site to him as a tool in understanding how protesters of the war, propaganda and lies caused a whole generation of vets to be treated with disrespect and how America became the bad guy in the world's eyes, thanks to the propaganda and news media.

My son and I discuss today's political environment quite often. One thing he has pointed out to me, when he hears people say they support the soldiers in Iraq, but they don't support the mission, then they're paying lip service about supporting the soldiers, because the soldiers are the people who are charged with carrying out the mission.

Sounds like logical thinking going on in that young mind to me. He says the vast majority of students today who are anti Iraqi war do not seem to have any argument based on facts, no understanding of the basics in why democracies are more peaceful nations, and why America should always spread freedom. They generally tend to be emotional young people who don't know what their core beliefs are, leading to a herd mentality. My Lord, sounds like the 60's all over again!

Educating the future generation of America's past mistakes in denigrating ANY soldier who serves is our responsibility as parents who still have that time in our history "seared" into our memories.

I know my son hears only the liberal side at school everyday, so thanks for a wealth of information that helps me to fulfill my responsibility to point out the things that he will never hear in a political science class.

G. Moody

Thanks for a powerful letter. Much of the old leftist mythology depended on keeping people in the dark, isolated from other sources of information.

That's no longer possible, and their "evil America" fairy tales are coming apart at the seams...



That's it, I apologize. I just began reading the book "Unfit for Command." I am only on page 18, and I feel the need to apologize to you. I believed that our soldiers did those "atrocities" in Vietnam. I am a 40 year old woman and I was a young child in the early 70's. I don't remember how I heard these stories, but I know I heard them and I believed them. I grew up in a Liberal home, I now am a conservative republican.

I always had a hard time believing these lies about our soldiers in Vietnam though as I got older. It just didn't seem to fit the overall character of our military and the American way. I knew that our military was made up of honorable, self-sacrificing, brave men.

It makes me sick that Kerry would use good, decent, brave and honorable men, alive and deceased, for his own personal gain. Only a monster could be capable of that. Is there no end to his evil? He will stop at nothing for his pursue of power. How can such a monster get this far in his career. I know how, unfortuneately our country knows no more values and morals. It frightens me what kind of country will be passed on to my children. He seethes with lies.

He tries to protray himself as a hero. Funny, politicians and movie stars always want to be a hero. However, they cannot. They can only PLAY one. They will never know what its like to be a hero.

I have two brothers. Both were in the military. One is out now, but the other just made Lt. Colonel in the Army. They both were in the first Gulf War. I know what kind of brave, dedicated and selfless people the military is made up of. I only have admiration and respect for the true military. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and I ask your forgiveness for believeing a lie. Please accept my apology. I despise the media. What dogs they are. Don't they realize they play right into their hands. They really are puppets for the politicians. At least Bush is a decent, honorable, respectable person, with morals and values.

Sorry for my rambling, it's late, I felt compelled to write to you. Sorry my apology is late too, better late than never.

Kelly Kukovich

In retrospect, the conventional view of the American military seems more and more bizarre. In World War I, World War II and Korea they were heroes fighting for freedom. Then came Vietnam, the great anomaly. Suddenly our guys were psychotic drug abusers ordered to slaughter peaceful peasants in an doomed, immoral war. Then, just as suddenly, they changed back to heroes again, serving with courage and distinction in Grenada, Panama, Kuwait, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

We'll pass along your apology to the Vietnam veterans, but don't be too hard on yourself. When all your sources of information peddle the same lies, it isn't easy to find the truth.



John Kerry chose to have a cover on his book "The New Soldier" that has me absolutely furious. To show a group of dirty looking guys with an American flag upside down reinacting the sacred scene at Mount Suribachi is unforgivable. Three of the six men in that sacred scene died at Iwo Jima. 2,420 of the 30,000 on the beach were dead or wounded by dusk of the first day. The price for Iwo Jima was 25,851 Marines killed or wounded. James Forrestal, secretary of the navy, said of Iwo Jima: "I can never again see a United States Marine without feeling a reverence." I have that same feeling for Marines, especially for my father, "Gunny Lowe", 4th Marine Division, Pacific, WWII. John Kerry's thoughtless action is unforgivable and I for one resent it deeply.

Thomas John Lowe

Based on our mail, it appears that you aren't alone.



Thanks for the truthful info.

As the son of a retired Air Force General nothing irks me more than John sKerry manipulating his service to now say he is a patriot for serving after he slandered our boys 30 years ago. Keep up the good work and you have my support.

Chad Emery

After launching his career by accusing American troops of something akin to genocide, Kerry's ability to keep a straight face while claiming to be a war hero himself is really rather impressive. Appalling, but impressive.



I thank all of you, who during your lifetime have served your country. I thank you yet again, for stepping forward to protect those serving our country now, by bringing forth new information from those who did serve. I thank you most, for willingly and knowingly, putting your lives and reputations out there for review (most of which has been unfairly depicted) to educate many of us, who at the time were small children or not yet born.

I believe that although you will encounter moments where you are disheartened, you have much to be proud of within yourselves. It has to be hard having to live through another time where those who disagree with you would CB"C"bB,CbspitCB"C"bB,CB on you again. I hope you know that there are many who recognize what you did then and more importantly what you are sacrificing now for a greater good.

For those who wish to look at this as a political move I urge you to actually read all of the books (New Soldier, Tour of Duty and Unfit for Command). See for yourself and make a decision for yourself. Get past the media CB"C"bB,CbspinCB"C"bB,CB that it is all political. Do it for those that serve our country now, which in time, could be your child or loved one. They are the ones who deserve a moment of your time, to be an informed voter, not one who votes based on the media.

Our veterans, past and present deserve a few hours of your time for what they have done for us. CouldnCB"C"bB,C"bB"t you offer them just a bit of your respect and hear what they have to say long before you lay judgment on them. In American history I wish we could erase our poor treatment of our troops during the Vietnam conflict and although that cannot be done, I can only hope a new generation of Americans can show them that their sacrifices were never in vain.

Lisa Flick

Thanks for an excellent letter. Permit us to mention once again that this site is not run by Vietnam veterans, and to join you in honoring those who served there.



I'm a 37 year old mother of three. I was a political science major at the University of Iowa. I took classes on Vietnam, the Soviet Union and Latin America (during Reagan's contra "scandal"). I was taught such foul things about our country and military during those four years. My re-education has taken years. After reading your articles, I see that it is continuing. I'm thankful that you are getting out the truth and I am praying for your success. I would like nothing better than for our country to have a legitimate discussion about communism and the degree to which it was a serious threat to our country. I know that it is hugely relevant since we now face the new threat of Islamic terrorism. Once again, Kerry is underestimating a very real and dangerous threat to our country. God bless you all for your courage once again.

Dena Weissbach

Our own belief is that those who manage to overcome indoctrination are the best of us. We also share your faith in the power of prayer.



I served in USAF from 66-70 and did some time in SEA. I was an aircraft mechanics on C-130's stationed at Clark AB, PI. We would rotate in country every 89 days. I came under fire 3 times(mortar ground fire and no injuries) and I would have used my lethal one pound crescent wrench on anyone who came to disrupt my maintenance. Then again the box end may have been a better tool to use.

I wanted to say thank you for having the foresight to think of this and how important it is for our country to get it right this time. I heard Senator Kennedy start the VN rattle and I got very scared of the left machine starting its work again on our boys now deployed.

I can not tell you how mad I am at the Democratic party for choosing such a self absorbed gigolo as J. Kerry. He is in my view a traitor to the country and free world. I guess I would lump in Sen Kennedy with that statement.

I am so disappointed in the media for abandoning any semblance of journalism. I will never trust mass media again for anything. It is obvious the university journalism system has failed the country. I would think that NYT and other franchises are going to lose their place in the sun over this as time goes by and the truth comes to light. They deserve to lose their brand. Just think for a gigolo they lost a nations trust.

I am also very concerned with the university system in its failure to keep an even keel about anything. I would recommend we take a look at tenure and how it has corrupted the system so badly that there is no freedom of speech at campus but that which is far left. If we just said 'you take federal money you have to dissolve tenure and open the university up to competition of ideas through competitive teaching' maybe we could stop this mess from inbreeding and get some even handed teaching.

I am having an awakening of sorts about what we were told and who told us. I am sorry that I did not check it out further but I had a new life to start with a baby that was born without me home and a wife to enjoy for the rest of my life. With Engineering school facing me my time was taken. I was mustered out at Hamilton AB, Calf. I was bussed up to LAX for my flight and was spit on and called baby killer by the kind folks of California. I wore my uniform home to get my wife and new baby in NC.

I am glad that I served my country and I am proud of my work and all the fellow soldiers around me. We were not true combatants but someone has to fix the stuff for the warriors. We launch 60 C-130's every morning of every day that is a lot of stuff going out and coming in. I never heard of any war crimes or atrocities by anyone near me and we had lots of passengers and crew come out way.

My son graduated USAFA Class of 2000 and is now serving his country as I and my father did.

My wife and I donated to both you and the Swift group.

Keep up the good work and God Bless American and George W. Bush.

Jim Peoples
Clark, AB PI

Thanks for writing, for your service, and for your support.

Few people understood back then how profoundly the news media manipulates events. Now, when your friendly network anchor tells the left half of a story, help is just a few clicks away.



I was a Marine for 20-years and remember receiving training in the laws of war in boot camp. Does Senator Kerry really expect people to think Naval Officers are not trained in the laws of war? Or, does he want us to believe he just missed those classes in officer's candidate school? John Kerry said, "I did take part in free fire zones and I did take part in harassment interdiction fire. I did take part in search-and-destroy missions in which the houses of noncombatants were burned to the ground. And all of these, I find out later on, these acts are contrary to the Hague and Geneva Conventions and to the laws of warfare. So in that sense, anybody who took part in those, if you carry out the applications of the Nuremberg principles, is in fact guilty" (Kerry, 1971 - on the Dick Cavitt Show).

The answer is simple, Kerry does not want to make claims about war atrocities and admit he knew these acts were wrong when he committed or witnessed them. Worse yet, the statements are probably pure fabrication, part of his well-orchestrated campaign of deception designed to help him achieve his political goals.

It is a crime that Kerry has gone as far as he has in politics; living a comfortable life at public expense, as a result of a calculated plan that began while he was in Viet Nam. He manipulated the military system of awards (which basically relies on the honor of service members) to leave the war zone early, armed with hardware that purported his valor, hardware that could propel a political campaign at a volatile time in American history. Simple acts such as throwing his medals over a fence provide the symbology needed to gain notoriety. He used his exaggerated Viet Nam service to gain national attention at the expense of his comrades. The lies have worked well for Kerry so far, but must not continue. Too much is at stake now. Keep up the good work. Exposing this fraud is extremely important to AmericaCB"C"bB,C"bB"s security.

Tim Bedwell

Either Kerry's understanding of the Geneva Convention was sadly lacking, or he was anticipating that terms like "free fire zones" and "harassment interdiction fire" would not be accurately understood by the public. See Kerry's Testimony Speaks Volumes for a more detailed explanation.

More generally, John Kerry's experiences seem to have convinced him that people will believe just about anything.



I served in Vietnam at Saigon 12-31-1970 to 12-20-1971. I was a Sgt in the USAF. I know of no one in my unit that committed "atrocities". John F. Kerry testified under oath that he committed atrocities. We have a right to know what they were... He is either a war criminal unfit to be President of the United States or he perjured himself in saying he committed atrocities... I was in Vietnam during the time he testified before the Senate... I would never vote for a war criminal..

While I was stationed at Saigon I would visit the wounded at a Hospital outside the main gate.. I have seen first hand the wounded with no legs or arms. I would hold a cigarette for a soldier whom had no hands so he could smoke it. I would write letters for soldiers whom had no hands to hold a pen...

I didn't like the war but, I did what I was told.

I had to go to classes on the Geneva Convention. I knew what I could and couldn't do or say. Kerry is a phony, when he says he wasn't briefed on the Geneva Convention... Everyone in Vietnam was briefed on that.. I had to take several random drug tests and passed them all.... One had to take a drug test before they came back to the US.

I am tired of being called a pot head and baby killer. Kerry owes us all an apologies and he did our country a dis-service in his actions before the Senate Committee.

Thank you all for your service to our country and my prayers are with you.

Dave Gray

Thanks for writing. It doesn't appear that John Kerry was under oath when he compared American troops to the armies of Genghis Khan, but the effect is much the same either way.



Dear Admin,

My name is Dan Garde. I served first in Vietnam from October 1964 to January 1966 as a First Lietenant Advisor to the 30th Vietnamese Ranger Battalion. We worked on Search and clear operations on a daily basis. We ran into skirmishes on a daily basis with the VC in units ranging in size from a single sniper to the VC 506th Regiment. On several occasions in late 1965 we worked on coordinated operations with units of the US First Infantry Division. I never saw an American soldier or unit burn down a village or commit any of the other atrocities mentioned by John Kerry. I witnessed many VC atrocities in Vietnamese villages where they used terrorism to "win the minds and hearts of the people". On the contrary, at night we, following our Vietnamese Counterparts, slept in these villages, sometimes in the civilian's houses with their permission, and did everything we could to actually win the minds and hearts of the people such as giving them food, helping them with chores, paying for being quartered temporarily in their homes and teaching them techniques of village defense against the VC terrorists.

On my second tour from January 1969 to January 1970 I served as a Company Commander in the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile). My Company had 250 soldiers. Of the 250 there were 3 or 4 misfits who were the type who might join the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. The rest of the unit were red blooded American troops who were proud of their unit, their country and what they were doing to rout an enemy that was trying to force its will on a people who valued freedom. They served proudly and valiantly and many were wounded and killed responding to the call of their country. To call them monsters who raped and killed civilians is an outrage that will never be forgiven. We were in the Ashaw Valley campaign and many other battles. I again never witnessed one atrocity committed by an American soldier or Army unit. I have many Veteran friends who served as officers in different units in different parts of Vietnam at different times who testify that they never witnessed any of the atrocities John Kerry accused us of committing. I am sure some atrocities may have happened. But they certainly did not happen "on a day to day basis with full awareness of officers at all levels of command". John Kerry lied in 1971. His band of 11,000 misfits are a true minority considering that 2.5 million men served in Vietnam. Kerry is unfit for command. I don't care about his spurious medals and his "heroism". Personally, to me he was a medal collecting coward who left his men behind when he found a convenient way to get himself out of the fray, and left them to do the fighting for him.

Dan Garde
Warrensburg, NY

In 1971, what Kerry had to say was made into national news, while no such opportunity was given to dissenting voices. Things are a bit different these days.

Thanks for providing your own testimony.



Subject: scroundels avoiding the issues

You guys are real chickens. The issues right now are jobs, war, drugs, economy not some war which happened over 30 years ago. Let me ask how Bush sleeps at night while U. S. children are hungry from their dad's job beign outsourced and Iraq children are being built new school.s The issues are the issues. the issues are TODAY.



Look, if those are the issues you find important, why waste your time writing to a web site that's about something else? Isn't it a bit presumptuous to insist that everything on the web must cater to your particular interests?



First thanks for revealing the truth in Kerry's dishonesty to the Vietnam Vets. I was in Vietnam in 1968-1969 involved in many areas as a recon surveyor from Da Nang to Can Tho. Most of my tour was in small villages or mountain tops establishing HYRAN survey points to photomap the peninsula. In the 36 locations I surveyed, I never saw nor experienced any evidence on the atrocities as claimed by Kerry. I did not matter if you were in the Air Force, Navy or in the Special Forces we all had a common goal. That was to stop the Communist North on oppressing a vulnerable people in South Vietnam. If anything I was amazed at the brotherhood of all who served there (that includes the South Koreans and Australians that I met). Kerry has no basis to claim that brotherhood with his demonizing of all who served. I, like thousands of returning Vets had to retreat into a false shame for serving ones country. The antics of Kerry and liberal media, remind me of the recent up surge of liberal outrage that flared up in Abu Ghraib. The way the media of the likes of Sixty Minutes and CNN you would think the claimed atrocities reported by Kerry was being repeated in Iraq. I pray the American people hear what these Vets have to say without the perverted spin from the DNC and media. We must all rise for the truth.

Jean Dussault

You're welcome, and thanks for the first-person account.



The South Vietnamese fought for their Freedom!

What no one mentions, in calling the war in Vietnam unjustified, is the fact that more than two million people had fled from North Vietnam to South Vietnam when the Communists first took over, deciding that in spite of it's flaws, the Government to the south allowed them the freedoms lacking under the Ho Chi Minh and the Communists.

Furthermore, as a member of the crew aboard a troopship during WWII, I met too many American soldiers and the calibre of men we put into the field (then and through to today) simply would not allow such atrocities to go on, simply would not remain silent nor participate in such evil without objecting and reporting them, as per the Mai Lai incident (which was the rare exception and not the rule). Our heritage and our schooling in those years was all too innocent and Judeo/Christian in nature to provide young men of such an evil predilection in our services. Slaughtering of innocent civilians just isn't in our nature.

The torture of prisoners was always part and parcel of the communist system, as Sen. McCain witnessed (and suffered), as well as my friend, Spike Nasmythe. It still goes on in Cuba today, blatantly, while the world (and Kaffi) remain silent.

There are photographs of those Winter Soldiers, those who falsely testified in Detroit and participated in the demonstrations, and we should try to identify them, expose them, and publish who they were and what they're involved in today. I'll bet 75% of them are still involved in Communist causes.

Then let us remember that after the war, tens of thousands of South Vietnamese soldiers were imprisoned for many years, their families subjected to all sorts of abuses, and the thousands of people who fled in small boats, many to drown or die at sea at the hands of pirates, similar to what happened in Cuba. Fifty thousand of those imprisoned soldiers died in those camps, but not one word of protest was heard from Jane Fonda or any of her group of anti-war protestors, not one.

I never, for a single instant, believed that 99% of our men who served were less than honorable, no matter what John Kerry testified to before Congress. I was convinced that "he lied under oath" then, and that that was a betrayal of the men and women he served with in VietNam. While I do not question his heroism under fire, nor his medals, those who served there at the time have every right to do so; freedom of speech is a Constitutional guarantee, as long as they make it clear that they are not part of the Republican party and do so as individuals. To denigrate the service of our soldiers in such a sweeping and all-inclusive manner was vile, whether by Jane Fonda or by her cohorts and co-conspirators. "Breathes there a man (or woman) with soul so dead, who never to himself (herself) hath said, This is my own my native land."

His anti-war record and his actions, a large part of which were evidently funded by Jane Fonda's money, are abundantly clear and upon which we can base our judgment of his character (or lack of it), and his ability to govern, to lead, and to take us into the future. We all make mistakes. The question is, were John Kerry's anti-war actions mistakes or not (such as meeting with a North Vietnamese delegation in France), and if so, were they serious enough to be an issue in this election? That's the decision each of us must make!

Those are his credentials. His record in Congress too. It's that simple. In the meantime, watch the protestors in New York, and judge whether these are just Liberals or more communist-inspired groups whose sole intent is to disrupt and negate the democratic process.

Howard E. Morseburg
Veteran WWII, USMM

Different era, same game plan.

Thanks for writing, and for serving.



I am so thankful for people like John O'Neill and the other swift boat vets who served honorably in Vietnam and are courageous enough to be slandered yet a second time in their quest to make the truth about themselves and John Kerry known to the American people. I'm also thankful for conservative media people, particularly Sean Hannity, and this web site for doing their best to counteract the would-be censorship of those vets by John Kerry, the mainstream media, and his other "useful idiots." I was heartened to hear when I asked about Unfit for Command at a Barnes and Noble near me that they had stopped counting earlier in the day at 65 requests for it. The demand is so huge that even the upcoming 5th printing will not be enough. You know it isn't because of the network news programs or the New York Times!

What really astonishes me is that the pro-Kerry people are so absolutely irrational. You cannot have a logical discussion of the issues with them, because it turns into a totally emotional, personal smear campaign about the vets or anyone who believes them. The liberals claim to be open-minded, pro-freedom of speech (Where's the ACLU in all of this?), etc., yet they get hysterical and very hateful when you confront them with facts. When conservatives wanted to talk about issues, all we got was Kerry's supposed war record crammed down our throats. Now that his record is proving to be basically a myth, suddenly he's moaning that conservatives won't talk about the issues. I think his character is a HUGE issue.

After a year of slandering Pres. Bush in every way imaginable (including Michael Moore's crockumentary) and slandering the swift boat vets daily since the ad and book appeared, they're whining yet again when they get a small dose of their own medicine. Alan Colmes actually thinks Pres. Bush should apologize about the swift boat vets ad (He's obsessed with the president apologizing for everything whether he's responsible or not.), and incredibly, some nutty woman on Hannity and Colmes last night said that Bush "betrayed" his country because he didn't serve in Vietnam. I would be willing to bet she voted for Clinton who actually wrote a thank-you note to a Col. Holmes for getting him out of the service. There is a huge double standard for liberals and conservatives, and most of the media reinforces it.

Pres. Bush served honorably in the National Guard and has released his records in response to a previous whine by the Kerry camp. It's past time for John Kerry to sign Form 180 if he has nothing to hide and since he has made his service the cornerstone of his campaign. Being a pilot even on training missions is dangerous, and Pres. Bush was judged to be an excellent pilot. It angers me that liberals slander past and present members of the National Guard by their comments about Pres. Bush. Recently, I heard that at times National Guard and Reserve troops comprise as much as 70% of our troops in Iraq!

I've always felt Vietnam Vets got a horrible deal when they returned from serving their country. I have so much gratitude, respect, and admiration for all who served honorably, and I regularly participate in events to honor them. No veterans should ever have to suffer the derogatory remarks and humiliation they did. Now, thirty-some years later John Kerry is slandering them again. Some things never change. Kerry is proving that not only is he the consummate opportunist, but a pathological liar. Heaven help us if he should become Commander-in-Chief.

Keep up the good work!

Rhonda Murray

PS -- Admin, you do an excellent job of answering all the letters.

Thanks very much. We rather suspect you'd do just fine answering our mail yourself.



I'm a Vietnam veteran, I served 13 months in a non-combat position in the relative safety of Long Binh. The enemy came with a few yards of getting me with a rocket. I have a great deal of respect for those who served in combat during those difficult times.

Prior to joining, I also was a student at San Francisco State, where the daily propaganda was spewed forth by leftist activists. If I may borrow a line from John Kerry, a memory is "seared" into my brain! The Vietnamese are merely peasants who want peace.

Of course, such peace brought scores of thousands of Vietnamese to flee the communist regime at great risk to their lives. This is the first half of the anti-war crowd's legacy.

The second was John Kerry's claims before Congress that branded me and millions of veterans as baby killers and as dysfunctional killing machines.

Now as then, Kerry is calling for a reduction in troops, sending the enemy the same message: "If you hold out, you can win because we will abandon the cause!"

I would like Senator Kerry what he would do if elected and an American citizen met with the enemy while you were trying to negotiate a peace? I'm sure you will have a nuanced answer!

Only a real coward would claim to be a hero, while branding everyone else who served as war criminals. Why don't you release your military records in full? Why don't you directly address the claims of your fellow Swift Boat officers? If they are lying, sue them for defamation! Or would that require a release of your records during discovery? Coward Kerry!

H. Michael Sarkisian, SP5
ACSPER, 1st Logistical Command

The Kerry campaign must believe that releasing Kerry's complete military record will do more harm than continuing to stonewall. Considering the beating they're taking from the Swift Vets, that's rather a breathtaking thought.



Congratulations on a job well-done. I bought the book yesterday and of course Rush L, Sean H. and Laura Ingraham are giving good coverage and comment on their shows. I had 30 months in the RVN (Nov 66-Jun68 & 1971). First tour with the 149 MI Group (Collection) and second tour MACV Advisory Team 91- in the same AO (1st ID) just north of Saigon. I was at Bien Hoa airbase during TET 68. In September 1971 our District Advisory Team at Dau Tieng District repsonded to VC/NVA activity and were ambushed. Major Jack Lawrence, District Advisor, the Intel Advisor (CPT) and the Ops Sgt (Msgt. Boulware) were killed. A second NCO evaded and escaped successfully. This was the first indication that hostiles had returned to central III Corps since TET 68. I can't help but credit the actions of Kerry/Fonda and their gang of dissidents with this resurgence. So - thank you for bringing to the fore validation of the sacrifices made by those honorable servicemen and servicewomen and their dependents who served at home. God Bless You.

George Gaun, Major, MI, US Army Retired (30 yrs)

Thanks very much. Blessings are appreciated.



I served as an S4 supply clerk from January 1971 to January 1972 for the 2/17th Air Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division at Camp Eagle. As the main supply liason for 4 helicopter troops and 2 infantry companies, I heard of absolutely no atrocities of any kind in the full year I served there. Our base was considered so secure that they had us store our M-16's in a connex container unless we were on perimeter or interior guard. We had several Vietnamese civilians working for us, doing odd jobs for pay, and I saw or heard of no mistreatment of any of them.

This was a period of rapid troop reduction, and the communists more or less left us alone, except for the Khe Sanh action during Operation Lam Son 719. Within months of the 101st's departure from Camp Eagle, the communists had overrun Quang Tri province, home of our B Troop, and I understand came as far south as Hue. I pity the Vietnamese civilians who worked for us and what must have become of them once the North had them. It is appaling to me the bleak picture John Kerry paints of the soldiers and sailors who served in Vietnam. Not many of us particularly wanted to be there, but it was our duty as American citizens. The "Christmas in Cambodia" story has exposed Senator Kerry for the liar he is. That people refer to a blatant lie as "embellishment" turns my stomach, and shows how far P.C. has deteriorated our minds. People, if it's a lie, call it a lie. No more "It depends on what the meaning of is, is". Please.

Dennis Dickerson

We're just about certain that there was a "Christmas in Cambodia" episode in the old "Secret Squirrel" cartoon...



I just read Unfit for Command. The account of John Kerry's medal hunting made me sick.

But the second half of the book stunned and absolutely appalled me. Especially the part about Kerry negotiating with the enemy face to face in Paris while in the Navy Reserve. I was a teenager when he did that and didn't know about it until I read this book.

Why is this not being discussed more? Especially his violations of the Uniform Code of Military Conduct. How can someone who did this ever be considered as qualified to be Commander-in-Chief?

Do people these days think that negotiating with an enemy in wartime is acceptable behavior? The possibility absolutely horrifies and repulses me.

Thank for your work in exposing this man.

Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D.

We don't think you can really call Kerry's discussions in Paris with North Vietnamese and Vietcong leaders "negotiating."

That sort of implies a difference of opinion.



Just do not know where to start... I served in the Marine Corps Sep 1967 to Oct 1976. I was proud of my service although I was never sent to Viet Nam, volunteered but somehow did not go. I lost many friends in Vietnam, kids I went to High School with, heroes I met in the Marine Corps. I remember Hanoi Jane but somehow I missed Hanoi John. I have paid attention to the negativism coming from the Democrats and their attacks on George Bush for having only served in the National Guard. I found that to be disgusting since we had just experienced eight years of Slick Willie. I have visited the Swift Boat website and I just read Unfit for Command.

What I find unbelievable about this entire thing is that John Kerry is not in prison. I have also read the Constitution and it is pretty clear to me that, according to what I have read John Kerry is a traitor, why he is not in jail might have something to do with him being a politician with a lot of money.

Why is it, do you think that the Republicans are not doing anything with this information if it is true?? Seems to me, again if it is true (I think it is) that they could and should in my view use it to at the very least remove him from the Democratic ticket and at best get him out of the federal government entirely. I think it is their (or someones') duty to make this despicable person answer for his crimes.

I can understand why nothing was done to Jane Fonda, but I cannot for the life of me understand why Kerry who was in the inactive reserve at the time of his traitorous(sp) activity including his coincidental visit to France where he spoke with the Viet Cong leader and another enemy leader whose association escapes me. It is clear in the Constitution that this activity is prohibited. It is also in the UCMJ that it is prohibited. Why was he then not taken to task. If he did witness atrocities why did he not report it as required by military orders?

If he becomes president because the Republican leadership is laying down, America is in trouble and the Republicans in my view would have a lot of responsibility in this loss.

Something besides exposing Kerry for the traitor he is should be done. Unless I am wrong there is no statute of limitations on treason. I believe it is time for the Military or the Justice Department to make something happen to get justice for the service men and women this man has slandered. Also for the treasonous acts this man was involved in while still in the military.

On another note, isn't it interesting how when a liberal or Democrat(pretty much the same usually) disagrees with what a conservative (or anyone who they disagree with) that the revert to name calling and really get angry. It seems they cannot rationally explain their position, could it be that they do not have a position or that they have one that cannot be backed up by facts...

T. Dempster
SSgt USMC (once a Marine, always a Marine)

There seems to have been a real disinclination towards prosecuting Americans who supported the enemy during the Vietnam War. Of course, the ability of the antiwar movement to put 500,000 people on the government's doorstep may have had something to do with that.



Kerry and his enablers want to ban "Unfit for Command" for containing "lies" but they have no problem releasing all of his books which are nothing BUT lies. Maybe he would like to authorize a new printing of "The New Soldier" and let the public check it for lies and compare points of view and facts.

Like Larry Thurlow and the vast majority of other Vietnam Vets who received medals, I didn't write my own citations, I wasn't asked to comment on them or offer input of any kind, and I didn't proofread them for typos or errors when I received them. I haven't even gotten them out of the storage box now residing in the basement during the past 30 years. I'm sure there were exaggerations in some citations accompanying many recipients' medals -- Awards and Decorations writers often used canned statements and flowery descriptions, and I'm sure there were probably more issued in Vietnam than in previous wars because morale was low and they tried to raise it. None of that refutes Thurlow's and the other Swifties' statements today that they were not receiving enemy fire regardless of how John Kerry wrote up the after action report without bothering to confirm or review details in his report with the others involved. It just causes embarrassment to those who, once they had received the medals, saw the "enemy fire" mentioned, and chose not to correct the record. All it would have done back then is possibly cost them a medal or raise an unnecessary stink, and they may have felt it insignificant at the time if they believed they had earned the medal for the totality of their actions even without the enemy fire. Little did they know the true sinister motive of John Kerry for writing it up that way. What is it they say about hindsight?

Bruce W. Obermeyer

To date, the Swift Vets haven't demonstrated conclusively that Kerry wrote those after-action reports, but perhaps that will change.



You guys are the greatest! I finished "Unfit for Command" yesterday! Great job. I served in I COR from March of 68 - March of 69. Same time that dirt bag John Kerry was there building a fake resume for this run for commander in chief.

I was sick for years from the lies kerry, fonda, abbey hoffman jerry rubin and their gang spread about us, but especially kerry! The dirty dog! Thanks for getting the truth out!

Stan Smith.

P.S. I laid in a hospital bed from wounds when I got my Purple Heart, but I still remember well how many of our brothers did not come home at. This fight is for them......... DUMP KERRY!

Keep it up!

We're doing this for you guys. Consider it interest on a debt that can never be repaid.



Your group is doing an excellent job exposing Mr. JFK_04 for the fraud he really is. War Hero, War Protester, War Hero does not add up.

Mr. Kerry was very meticulous at documenting his version of his courageous war career with photo shoots.

Q, Where are the photos of his Purple Heart Injuries?
Q. Where are the photos of his bullet riddled boat?
Q. Where is a copy of the report requesting repairs to his bullet riddled boat?
Q. Why is it that under the intense battle conditions he describes, he alone usually received injuries?

The new video depicting him as the Radical War Protester is great. That focus will go along way.

Again, great work
Robert LaVhoc

Well, it seems that the Vietcong who set up a mile-long ambush on both sides of that 75-yard wide river were astonishingly bad shots...

There are no heroes here at -- just sleep-deprived working stiffs who care about the truth.



I like the handle wintersoldier. A nice take off of the "Summer soldier and sunshine patriot." One of my favorite quotations. I served on the USS DuPont and the USS Boston during raids on North Vietnam and other activities. I'll join you as a wintersoldier any day.

Wesley Starr

Thanks. Vietnam Veterans Against the War borrowed the term as part of their efforts on behalf of Hanoi.

We're working on taking it back.



What a bunch of losers!

You have to lie to bring people to your sick side. You are disturbed!


You appear to have confused the disturbers with the disturbee.



word has it you not-to-swift boat clowns are all drug using sore losers who panicked in action, unfit for military service no better than the zipper heads that kicked your ass on your gilligans island little boats, maybe if you'd had not been stoned on duty and actually accomplished something other than pissing down your leg underfire you wouldnt have the inferiority complexes your "kerry-ing" around all these years later. shame-shame you bring such dishonor to real veterens of the era by trying your cheap tricks and lies on the true vets that you couldnt make a pimple on the ass of, swift-boats for truth? your groups a house of cards, theres not a drop of truthful blood in any of you republican puppets, your a bunch of stooges on the s.s. bush, going down, panicking. face it fellas, kerry earned his medals, came back and denuonced a political boondoggle war because he had the balls to while you got nothing but the shitty end of the stick for your service upon returning, now that he's up to knocking the nam-era coward bush off his daddys stilts and his politcal boodoggle war to become the next commander in chief ....well you know the rest of the story ...a hard dick has more concious than any of you.

Gary LaCorte

We're going to go out on a limb and guess that you didn't push the "Hell, no!" button on our poll...

Once again, we're not the Swift Vets -- they're over at, just in case you wish to spray some more saliva in their direction.



I am really pissed about John Kerry and his claims that the Bush Campaign is behind the Swift Boat Ads. I am tired of hearing the President and the Swift Boat guys being beat up on by the Kerry Talking suits and this guy Hurley who if I remember it right was an Army engineer. Kerry was the guy who said when Clinton was running we should not hold it against those who did not serve in or during Vietnam. I did not vote for Clinton because he lied about his draft notice and most of all because he led demonstrations against us while safe in England. My Mother taught her "four boys" that a liar is worse than a thief. Clinton is both and Kerry is a liar. My bottom line is My wife and I are both Vietnam vets: she has more time in Vietnam than Kerry. I had two tours 65/66 in Nam and 68/69 flying out of Thailand. My traceable Military lineage goes back to 1847 and all the wars forward. In fact in World War I we were on both sides! My wife has 25 years active and Reserve time and I have 33 years active officer and enlisted. My wife and son were in Desert Shield /Storm she as a medical unit Commander; he as a Aircrew member. I/we are Americans and love our country and do not want to see a "Benedict Arnold" elected to be my/our Commander in Chief. 35 % of the 4th ACS were Kia, Mia or Wia. Most of those 35% names are on the Wall.

One last thing -- Senator Pat Roberts has called for the "Swift Boat" Veterans to Quit. I will fax him a letter tonight telling him what I think of that idea. Just another gutless Senator who doesn't want to offend another member of the club. In sum I have a good resume, first in the family to get college degree(a la Edwards, first ( I think to be an officer), Unit Commander etc book full of attaboys attesting to my speaking ability, been in the Pentagon wrote Ops Plans, when promoted to Colonel I got into the National Intelligence arena and on and on. But, I would clean Latrines in Abu Graib Prison if it would keep Benedict Arnold Kerry from becoming President.

George A. La France BS, MS, EA
SOS, ACSC, AWC Graduate (via the Mailman)
Cpl. USA (1951-1954)
Colonel USAF (Retired) (1960-1990)

That's an impressive family service record...

We're not the Swift Veterans -- they are over at We *are* working with them and support what they're doing.

As for the Speakers Bureau, we have more members at the moment than media opportunities, so probably the best way to help us get the word out is to email everybody on your contact list. Letters to local papers can also make a difference.



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