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August 9, 1972: Fonda on "Democracy"

FBIS Transcript #17:

Hanoi Radio attributes talk on Democracy to Jane Fonda

B171232 Hanoi in English to American Servicemen involved in the Indochina War 1300 GMT 9 Aug 72 B

Here is a talk by Jane Fonda about who is betraying democracy in America:

((Follows recorded female voice with American accent b FBIS))

This is Jane Fonda speaking from Hanoi. Like tens of thousands of other Americans, I'm extremely concerned these days about the betrayal of everything that my country stands for b- about the betrayal of our flag, about the betrayal of the very precepts upon which our country was founded: equality for all people, liberty, and freedom.

In 1954, the Geneva Accords were signed, which called for the temporary dividing of Vietnam into two military regroupment zones. The Geneva Accords also stated that in 1956, general elections were to be held which -b which would reunite this country. At that time, President Eisenhower noted that if elections were held, President Ho Chi Minh would have been elected President of a reunited Vietnam by 80 percent of the votes. And so, as has been thoroughly documented in the Pentagon papers, the United States, via the CIA, sabotaged the elections and installed Ngo Dinh Diem as a puppet dictator in South Vietnam, just as we are supporting a puppet dictator, Thieu, in Saigon today. That was one betrayal of what our country stands for.

In 1968, after having suffered a series of defeats in South Vietnam, and having been forced to recognize the fact that the bombing of Vietnam, and the bombing of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in particular, was not going to force the Vietnamese people to give up their resistance to fight for freedom, independence, and democracy, President Johnson was forced to the Paris Peace Talks and was forced to ((?sign)) an unconditional bombing halt and stop all bombings of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Richard Nixon has violated the 1968 bombing halt, and in doing so has been a traitor to everything that the United States stands for. I would like to state here publicly that the American people will one day know b- the books will one day be open to all of the crimes which ((?Ri -b which -b which)) Richard Nixon has committed.

Richard Nixon, history will one day report you as the new Hitler, and patriotic Americans will one day have to work long and hard to erase the blight of your years in office. It is no wonder that you ((?go)) to such lengths to lie to the world about what you are doing. It is no wonder that you are so cynically manipulating the American public into believing that you are striving for peace, when you are in fact committing the most heinous crimes against the innocent civilians of Vietnam.

So, when we hear the word treason, we should think very carefully, all of us -b all peace-loving people of the world -b about who is killing, about who is breaking the law, and who is betraying the best qualities of mankind?

I think that all Americans today would like the U.S. soldiers, the U.S. advisors, the U.S. planes to come home to America. How can we pretend to be exporting democracy to other countries when we can't pretend to practice democracy at home, when we can't pretend to practice equality at home? There is no equality for the Black people, the Brown people, the Asian people, the Red people, the Puerto Ricans, the working people of the United States.

The very fact that the majority of people want the troops to come home and want the bombing to stop, and yet this continues, is a blatant proof of the fact that Nixon has betrayed democracy in America.

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