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August 7, 1972: Fonda on Quang Tri and Patrick Henry

FBIS Transcript #16:

Hanoi Radio attributes talk on Quang Tri to Jane Fonda

B091811 Hanoi in English to American Servicemen involved in the Indochina War 1300 GMT 7 Aug 72 B

What Jane Fonda thinks about Patrick Henrybs words "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death":

((Follows recorded female voice with American accent b FBIS))

All of us know that when webre fighting on the side of right and truth we donbt need bombs, we don't need force, we don't need to put people in jail. So, we should ask ourselves why it is, after having tried Maxwell Taylor's bspecial war,b after having tried invading Vietnam with 500,000 ground troops, after having tried the Vietnamization program, and having all of these different tactics fail -b tactics that may change but are all meant to carry out the same policy of turning South Vietnam into a neocolony of the United States -b why it is now that Nixon, while speaking of peace and winding down the war, is sending so many American planes and dropping more bomb tonnage than ever before in the history of warfare.

It is because he is trying to stop a people's war. The masses of Vietnamese people, the 90 percent of the people, the peasants, ((?now)) want to take power into their own hands and determine their own lives, own their own land, grow their own rice for themselves.

The situation in Quang Tri is -b is a particularly interesting one, and of course it is a very threatening one to Nixon, and that is why he is sending so many of you on these horrible, carpet bombing missions, razing that part of the country to the ground.

But you know before, the people in Quang Tri were rounded up, were taken out of their ((?peaceful)) villages and rounded up in strategic hamlets, which are in fact concentration camps. They were not allowed to go out after dark because there were so many mines in the fields. They were sub -b submitted to the worst kind of dehumanization and -b and (?humiliating) treatment by the ARVN soldiers and by the American GI's who kept them in the concentration camps.

Many of the women were raped by American GI's. Many young children are born whose fathers are American GI's, and now, of course, they have no fathers.

And the more the war went on and the more the people were brutalized, and the more bombs fell on them, the more clear it became to them who their enemy was. So that now, when the People's Liberation Armed Forces arrived in Quang Tri and joined together with the peasants to liberate the province of Quang Tri, the people have risen up, in the words of a journalist who just came from -b from Quang Tri -b like birds who have been freed from their cages.

Why are they rising up? And why are they able to defeat all of Thieu's Army that he is sending there? And why are they able to continue despite the tons of bombs being dropped on them? Because they are free, and because from fighting for this freedom, they are defending their entire 4.000-year past history and all of their futures. They are defending the suffering and the blood that has been shed by their ancestors as well as by their mothers and fathers and sons and brothers and daughters.

They have set up a government, and it is interesting to note that on this government sit men and women who were serving the puppet army -b many of the former provincial administrators were elected by the people to serve on the new people's council. And why is this? Because the people felt that they had not betrayed the people or caused them any harm. They had simply given in to the bribes of the Saigon Government. So here we see a real living example of a coalition of the type of coalition that is possible -b the kind of forgiveness that is possible with the Vietnamese people -b a concrete example of how one of the demands of the 7-points of the Provisional Revolutionary Government can and will be put into effect so that the revolutionary forces as well as all of the villages and political tendencies, the neutralists, and members of the present Saigon Government Administration can join together as patriots, as Vietnamese, uh, for the freedom and -b and the independence and democracy of -b of their country.

We should be able to understand this very well as Americans. One of our revolutionary slogans, called out by Patrick Henry, was "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death." And this is not so different than Ho Chi Minh's slogan "Nothing is more precious than freedom and independence."

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