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July 29, 1972: Fonda to South Vietnamese soldiers

FBIS Transcript #14:

Alleged Jane Fonda message to Saigon soldiers

B302155 Hanoi in English to Southeast Asia 1000 GMT 29 Jul 72 B

We now bring you a recorded speech to Saigonese troops by American actress Jane Fonda:

((Follows a recorded female voice with American accent b FBIS))

This is Jane Fonda from Hanoi. I'm addressing myself to the ARVN soldiers.

Many people in the United States deplore what is being done to you. We understand that Nixon's aggression against Vietnam is a racist aggression, that the American war in Vietnam is a racist war, a white man's war -b (?which) was very clearly indicated when Ambassador to Saigon Ellsworth Bunker described the Vietnamization program as changing the color of the corpses.

We deplore that you are being used as cannon fodder for U.S. imperialism. We've seen photographs of American bombs and antipersonnel weapons being dropped, wantonly, accidentally perhaps, on your heads, on the heads of your comrades. And we note with interest that (?these) kind of accidents don't happen, at least not with as much frequency, to American soldiers, and we think this is an indication of the lack of concern that is being taken for your lives by the white American officers, both in Vietnam and in the Pentagon and in the White House -b not to mention the officers in Saigon who have been bought off by the ruling class of the United States.

We've seen photographs of many of you clinging to the helicopters trying to escape from what you knew was a suicide mission. We understand that you have been press ganged, many of you, into the army because your land has been destroyed by American bombs, because there are no other jobs to be had in Saigon, perhaps because you have to support your family, because you will be the b you will be put in jail and beaten if you tried to avoid the draft.

We well understand the kind of situation that you are put in because American soldiers are in the same kind of situation, and we feel that -b that you have much in common. You are being sent to fight a war that is not in your interests but is the interest of the small handful of people who have gotten rich and hope to get richer off this war and off the turning of your country into a neocolony of the United States.

We read with interest about the growing numbers of you who are understanding the truth and joining with your fellow countrymen to fight for freedom and independence and democracy. We note with interest, for example, that as in the case of the 56th Regiment of the 3d Division of the Saigon army, ARVN soldiers are taken into the ranks of the National Liberation Front, including officers who may retain their rank.

We think that this is an example of the fact that the democratic, peace-loving, patriotic Vietnamese people want to embrace all Vietnamese people in forgiveness, open their arms to all people who are willing to fight against the foreign invader.

We know what U.S. imperialism has done to our country in the United States, how it is affecting the working people of the United States and particularly the people of (?courage). And so we know what lies in store for any third world country that could have the misfortune of falling into the hands of a country such as the United States and becoming a colony. ((pause))

We all are striving very hard, the peace loving people of the United States, to end this war as soon as possible so that you can all return to your families in the condition of freedom and independence. We understand that the only way to end the war is for the United States to withdraw all its troops, all its airplanes, its bombs, its generals, its CIA advisers and to stop the support of the Thieu regime in Saigon, this man who has defiled not only his own country but the United States. The support of such a criminal is a blight on the American (?society which will take a long time to erase).

((Recording ends b FBIS))

You've just listened to a Jane Fonda recorded speech to Saigonese troops.

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