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July 28, 1972: Fonda to U.S. servicemen on bombing dikes

FBIS Transcript #13:

Alleged Jane Fonda message to U.S. GIbs on bombing of dikes

B301945 Hanoi in English to Europe, Africa and the Middle East 2000 GMT 28 Jul 72 B

We now bring you a recorded message by American actress Jane Fonda to U.S. servicemen in South Vietnam.

((Follows recorded female voice with American accent b FBIS))

This is Jane Fonda speaking from Hanoi. I read in the paper yesterday that Melvin Laird has admitted that it is possible that the dikes in North Vietnam have been hit by American bombs. He goes on to say that -b that this can happen when there are military installations on top of the dikes, military convoys or material on or near the dike.

As someone who has spent now 2 weeks in North Vietnam, who has traveled in the countryside, who has seen the dikes, I find this laughable. Does anyone really believe that the Vietnamese people would be foolish enough to drag military materiel, antiaircraft guns, through the rice fields where there are no roads, where it's difficult to even walk, and place them on top of the dikes, which are made of earth, thus attracting the bombs of the American planes? If you stand on top of any of the dikes in the Red River Delta, you can see around you for miles. It is flat land. It is rice land. It is very visible, very clear to anyone that there are no military installations whatsoever. There are no trucks. There are no convoys. There are no antiaircraft guns.

I have seen the dikes bombed. I have seen them cut in half. For miles around you can the rice paddies spread out, and suddenly right around the most strategic and vulnerable point of the dike system, the bomb craters begin -b huge bomb craters, sometimes 10 meters across and 8 meters deep.

There are many kinds of bombs being dropped. Some of them are bombs that explode and -b and cut the dikes in half. Some of them, however, pierce the earth laterally. They are delayed explosion bombs which lie dormant underneath the dikes to explode later. Some of them are causing earthquakes which make deep fissures into the dike system, so that later when the heavy rains come, the dikes will break and the area will be flooded.

I make an urgent appeal for all people around the world. This is a very grave and a very serious situation. The season of heavy rains is soon to begin. The people of Vietnam have spent many thousands of years building their dike system. Since the Middle Ages the Red River Delta has been struggled against, just as the Vietnamese people have fought against foreign invading armies. They have struggled against nature and they have won back the Red River Delta. They have conquered the Red River. They have claimed the land as their own.

These dikes are made of earth. There is no way to convey the labor, the hundreds of thousands of people whose labor goes into building these dikes. It takes many years to construct them, moving the earth, packing it in b- packing it into place.

The dikes that are destroyed this year will take many years to be rebuilt because the earth has to become solidified in order to hold back the heavy waters during the -b the heavy rain seasons. So the damage that is done this year by Nixon's strategic bombing of the dike system will endanger not only the lives and their crops of the people this year, but for many years to come. It may cause famine. It may cause epidemics.

There is only on way to stop Richard Nixon from committing mass genocide in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and that is for a mass protest all around the world of all peace-loving people to expose his crimes, to prevent him from fooling the people of the world into thinking that if there are floods this year it would be a natural disaster.

It is a very clever scheme that he is attempting to carry out. ((words indistinct)) in Vietnam to justify the floods if they happen. But since the revolution of 1945, when this country was mobilized and organized in such a way so that the dikes could be repaired and rebuilt and reinforced every year, there have been no disastrous floods. They have been minimized ((words indistinct)) fortified to such a degree that the terrible damages that were done in 1945 and 1946 have been prevented.

And I can tell you if someone who has witnessed this [words indistinct] that if this year this land is flooded the finger can be pointed at Richard Nixon. And I think -b I think (?it's cited) by Professor Yves Lacoste of the University of Paris -b who is a geographer and he has studied very carefully the situation here -b the damage would be worse than if he had ordered the dropping of atomic bombs.

Just to give you one example of the kind of incredible lies that are being told by the spokesmen of the White House, on July 18, at least a dozen foreign correspondents went to the district of Nam Sach to witness the bombing that had taken place to the dike system on July 9. While they were there, U.S. planes dropped 28 bombs on the most strategic and vulnerable point on the dike system. The 12 correspondents were almost killed by these -b by these bombs. And several days later word came from the White House that the bombing had never ta -b taken place.

((Recording ends b FBIS))

That was American actress Jane Fonda speaking to U.S. servicemen in South Vietnam.

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