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July 22, 1972: Fonda to U.S. pilots and airmen

FBIS Transcript #9:

Alleged Jane Fonda 22 July Message to U.S. Pilots

B240136 Hanoi in English to American Servicemen involved in the Indochina War 1300 GMT 22 Jul 72 B

And here is movie actress Jane Fonda addressing U.S. flyers and airmen:

((Follows recorded female voice with American accent b FBIS))

This is Jane Fonda in Hanoi. I'm speaking to the men in the *censored*pits of the Phantoms, in the B-52bs, in the F-4bs; those of you who are still here fighting the war, in the air, on the ground; the guys in the Anglico Corps, on the 7th Fleet, the Constellation, the Coral Sea, the Han*censored*, Ticonderoga, the Kitty Hawk, the Enterprise.

You know the war isn't winding down. You know this because you're fighting it. You know this because you are to bomb (?and you call them in). You direct your artillery. You pull the levers to release the bombs. You know the tonnage and the damage. You can see the hospitals and churches in residential areas in smoke and ruin.

So you know that when Nixon says the war is winding down that he's lying; that he has simply changed his tactics. He thinks that he can get away with it, because he believes that we have no conscience; that if he reduces the American casualties but kills more Vietnamese people that we the American people won't care.

But I think he has a very low opinion of the American people. And I think it's a shame that the United States of America is being governed by a person who thinks this way about us. He defies our flag and all that it stands for in the eyes of the entire world.

All of you in your (?heart of hearts) know the lies. You know the cheating on the body counts, the falsified battle reports, and the number of planes that are shot down and what your targets really are. Knowing who was doing the lying, should you then allow these same people and same liars to define for you who your enemy is. Shouldn't we then, shouldn't we all examine the reasons that have been given to us to justify the murder that you are being paid to commit?

If they told you the truth, you wouldn't fight, you wouldn't kill. You were not born and brought up by your mothers to be killers. So you have been -b you have been told lies so that it would be possible for you to kill.

((Recording ends -- FBIS))

That was Jane Fonda speaking to U. S. pilots and airmen.

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