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July 13, 1972: Jane Fonda condemns U.S. bombings

FBIS Transcript #2:

Jane Fonda Condemns U.S. Bombings in Message to U.S. Pilots

B151205 Hanoi in English to Southeast Asia 1530 GMT 13 Jul 72 B

American actress Jane Fonda, now on the current visit to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, also visited the bombed dikes at Nam Sach, Wednesday morning. Witnessing the U.S. crimes in destroying North Vietnambs dikes and irrigation works, she had this to say to the American pilots who are flying criminal raids against North Vietnam on Nixonbs order:

((Recorded voice of a woman with an American accent b FBIS))

This is Jane Fonda in Hanoi. Yesterday morning, on July 12, I went to the district of Nam Sach to see the damage that has been done to the dikes in that district. And I wondered what can be going on in the heads of the men who are pulling the levers and dropping the bombs on the fields and on the dikes of the Red River Delta.

Do you know, for example, that for centuries since the middle ages, the Vietnamese peasants have built up and reinforced a very complex network of dikes, which hold back the torrential waters from the rivers that flow down from the mountains every summer during the monsoon season? Without these dikes, 15 million people's lives would be endangered, by drowning and by starvation.

Anthony Lewis, a correspondent from the New York Times, wrote an article just before I left the U. S. in which he said that a success b that successive U. S. administrations had rejected the idea of bombing the dikes in the Red River Delta because they all felt that it was the type of terrorist tactic that is unworthy of American people and the American flag. But today, as you know better than I, Phantom jets, American Phantom jets, are bombing strategic points in the dike networks in this area.

I implore you, I beg you to consider what you are doing. In the area where I went yesterday it was very easy to see that there are no military targets, there is no important highway, there is no communications network, there is no heavy industry. These are peasants; they grow rice and they breed pigs, very similar to the farmers in the Midwest many years ago in the United States. Perhaps your grandmothers and grandfathers were not too different from these peasants. They are happy people; they are a peace-loving people.

When I went by, walking on the way to the dikes to see the damage, word had gotten out that I was an American, and I was afraid of what their reaction would be. But they looked at me curiously, and I saw no hostility in their eyes, and I looked very carefully. I saw curiosity. I saw bewilderment. They seemed to be asking themselves what kind of people can Americans be who would drop these kinds of bombs so callously on their innocent heads, destroying their villages and endangering the lives of these millions of people.

All of you, in the *censored*pits of your planes, ((words indistinct)) who are calling in the bombing raids, on the aircraft carriers, those of you who are loading the bombs, those who are repairing the planes, those who are working on the 7th Fleet, please, think what you are doing.

Are these people your enemy? What will you say to your children years from now when they ask you why you fought this war? What will you be able to say to them?

((Recording ends -- FBIS)

You have just listened to American actress Jane Fondabs address to U.S. pilots flying criminal raids against North Vietnam on Nixonbs orders, after visiting U.S. crimes in destroying North Vietnam dikes and irrigation works.

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