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Dedication is dedicated to the American veterans of the Vietnam War, who served with courage and honor.

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Read the book: To Set the Record Straight
The inside story of how Swift Boat veterans, POWs and the New Media defeated John Kerry.


The New Soldier: John Kerry and the VVAW


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January 30, 2008:
FrontPage Magazine: To Set The Record Straight

August 18, 2004:
FrontPage Magazine interviews Scott Swett

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The New Soldier: John Kerry and the VVAW

Since its publication in 1971, John Kerry's book "The New Soldier" has acquired almost legendary status. Rumors abound of political operatives scrambling to locate and suppress stray copies during Kerry's House campaign in 1972. Copies now sell on Ebay for upwards of $500.

In this section we present an overview of the book, along with most of the text and selected photographs. Much of the text consists of John Kerry's testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on April 22, 1971, and quotes from other members of the VVAW taken from the Winter Soldier testimony.


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